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Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, part 1

Animals Love Our Essential Oils because they know it’s good for them!

Animals have a keen sense for energies. This is how they know when someone brings danger or harmony into your life. Pets were originally meant to protect our homes and eliminate rodents. Unless your animal is overly domesticated, and thereby lost its animal instinct, we should always trust their senses even if we think otherwise..

Ever wondered how to ease your pet’s anxiety or pain, help them heal from an illness or wound, or simply promote their overall health and well-being? We have found that our essential oil blends are of great benefit to our furry friends, and we can think of no better time to address this topic than now.

The abundance of stories in the news about dogs being neglected or even abused during airline travel is a reminder of how important it is to care for these loyal sentient beings and honor their service to us as companions and protectors in this Year of the Dog.

And although those of us who live with cats have made it through another year’s Fourth of July fireworks—which dogs pretty much hate as well--we want to prepare for other disturbances that can give our precious companions anxiety, such as a noisy and disruptive kitchen remodel, moving to a new apartment, a trip to the vet, or a visit from friends with small children.

We’ll be talking about how our essential oil blends can promote natural healing for pets.

We’ll talk about oils for

  • pain
  • illness
  • anxieties and fears
  • travel discomfort
  • and more.

Please note that the use of our essential oils for your pet who is under a veterinarian’s care will enhance those healing modalities, not interfere with them. 

General Essential Oils Application Tips for Cats and Dogs:

If you are using the straight essential oil blend: Rub no more than a drop or two into your hands until mostly absorbed. Then gently pet or stroke your dog or cat by or near the affected area. Our oils are highly concentrated, and your pets require much less oil than a human does--thus our instruction to rub the oil into your own hands. Which gives you the bonus benefits of the oils as well.

Take care to use less than you would use for a human, and less for a small pet than a large one. Stick to one blend at a time if possible.

If you are using a spray (some of our blends come in spray form as well), spray your pet’s bedding, carrier, and/or the room it’s in.

Using any of our essential oil blends in an aroma lamp where your pets are will have a soothing effect. New animals, say from the pound, have great success and recovery time when in a home which is diffusing Shock/Trauma in an aroma lamp around the clock for a week.

Now let’s get down to specific issues.

How can you help your dog or cat heal from illness?

If your veterinarian has diagnosed your dog or cat with a heart problem:

  • We recommend our Heart essential oil blend.

If your veterinarian has diagnosed your dog or cat with a respiratory condition:

  • We recommend our Respiratory System blend, especially if there is an infection.
  • Asthma blend is also excellent if your dog or cat isn’t getting enough oxygen.
  • Or if your pet has allergies, our Hay Fever blend is very effective.

To promote healing of any type of illness or injury:

If there is a wound, you can put a drop directly on the wound. if there’s a bandage you should not disturb, you can put a drop on top of the bandage. If the wound, injury, or illness is internal, you can rub a drop or two of Healing Master into your palms and gently pet your dog or cat on the area of the body that is in the vicinity of the organ or muscle.

Also, if your pet has a shaved area from an operation and you’d like to help them quickly regrow the fur, you can apply a drop of our “Great Hair Days New” blend and dilute it in pure water to cover the entire area.


How can you tell if your pet needs help?

The sad condition of being an animal, no matter how much they may be loved and pampered, is that they cannot tell us in words what they are experiencing. We can take them to a trusted veterinarian and get a professional diagnosis and traditional treatments. But beyond that, it’s up to us to read the signs and do what we can to promote and augment our pet’s well-being, comfort, and healing.


How can you tell if your dog or cat is in pain?

Our pets cannot tell us when they’re hurting, but if we look closely, we can see the signs. It may be that they seem tired when they usually can’t wait to play or walk or run. Or they don’t have as much of an appetite as they usually do.


What can you do to ease your pet’s pain?

for all types of pain, internal or external. Also helps relieve emotional pain.

for arthritis pain

for back and shoulders pain; we have a Back&Shoulders blend for the morning and a Back&Shoulders blend for the afternoon and night.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Natural Healing for Pets, where we'll talk about easing your pet's fears, traveling with pets, and what to do when your furry friend is nearing the end of life. 

Don't worry if your fur baby doesn't like our essential oils at first, they will learn to like it because of what it does for them.


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