Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats

General Essential Oils Application Tips for Cats and Dogs:

If you are using the straight essential oil blend: Rub no more than a drop or two into your hands until mostly absorbed. Then gently pet or stroke your dog or cat by or near the affected area. Our oils are highly concentrated, and your pets require much less oil than a human does--thus our instruction to rub the oil into your own hands. Which gives you the bonus benefits of the oils as well.

Take care to use less than you would use for a human, and less for a small pet than a large one. Stick to one blend at a time if possible.

If you are using a spray (some of our blends come in spray form as well), spray your pet’s bedding, carrier, and/or the room it’s in.

Using any of our essential oil blends in an aroma lamp where your pets are will have a soothing effect. New animals, say from the pound, have great success and recovery time when in a home which is diffusing shock/trauma in an aroma lamp around the clock for a week.