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Launched In Los Angeles, CA

We started on Aurelia's dining room table, drop by drop.

Aurelia made personal blends for herself since her days in corporate Munich. When her friends and family began requesting her essential oil blends for their own lives, she decided to make it offical.

10ml orders became 100ml orders

preparation moves from the table to the kitchen.

As a majority of sales came by word of mouth, people began order large sizes of their favorite blends. Every 100 ml blend made was worth celebration!


Aurelia Opens the first dedicated lab in Hawaii

As sales increased and brand awareness expanded, the first dedicated lab to production was setup in Hawaii. 

Pacific Northwest

The Lab expands to oregon

Major spas begin to offer and use Aurelia Essential Oils and we even began white labeling for many of these renowned spas. In 1998, we really started producing in mass quantities.

Big Move

Aurelia moves the lab to Bavaria.

After the untimely death of her co-founder, master masseur and late husband, coupled the tragic events of 9/11, Aurelia returned home to Bavaria and air lifted the laboratory with her.

Market Leader

Aurelia Essential Oils® become market leader in blends.

With over 100 propritary receipes, Aurelia Essential Oils becomes a trusted brand when it comes to ready-made essential oil blends.

Private Spa Products

Spa products and cosmetics

We began producing cosemtics, bath salts and more at home spa products from our propritary receipes.

Grand Opening

Aurelia Opens the first Boutique

The Aroma Boutique is a space where people can sample any of the 100+ blends we offer in our showroom. It has become a staple to the community where people can come and relax and receive free consultations.

Just One Year Short Of 30

Our Saturn Return

Every Company has its Saturn Return, and we are observing ours by taking everything we've experienced to improve and grow.

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