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  • My mother had very dark blue spider veins on her ankle that became much lighter and her legs are no longer so painful. A varicose vein on her thigh always hurt a lot and was very hard and now it's also lighter. She immediately notices the difference if she hasn't used varicose veins for one day. Her girlfriend also uses the blend. She had her varicose veins stripped in January and the scars have become softer and her legs feel much better since she's been using it.

    Essential Oil for Varicose Veins

  • I ran out of my tea tree and niaouli while I was traveling and I ran into a local health food store to put some up. I use tea tree on my toothbrush and niaouli as a decongestant...but I could not recognize the taste or smell of these store bought oils compared to what I am used to with these single notes! They tasted watered down or diluted and I could even sense a trace of chemicals. This was a well-known brand too! I am very spoiled with these oils and I am happy that I can know the difference. And will not go without again.

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • I had crushed the top joint of my middle finger very badly under a heavy iron plate. I thought that my finger would be mush if I pulled it forward under the plate. When I had then freed it, it swelled like a balloon within seconds and at first I just ran into the house and put healing master and ice on it. Every few minutes I put healing master on it again. In the following days I then put healing master on it 3 x a day. Naturally, my finger was blue and in between I was also afraid that the bone was broken. But I didn't have to go to the doctor. My nail didn't have to be opened up by drilling, nor did it have to be pulled.

    Healing Master Essential Oil Blend