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Aura Essential Oil Blend

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In the interconnected world we live in, we continuously absorb energies from the environment and those around us. While some of these energies uplift us, others weigh us down, clouding our minds and tugging at our emotions.

The Invisible Impact
We might not see these energies, but their effect is palpable. Ever had days when a chance encounter with a negative individual or distressing news left you feeling drained, frustrated, or even aggressive? That's the influence of foreign energies infiltrating our personal energy shield - our aura.

Becoming the Source of Negativity
Left unchecked, these energies can morph our own vibe. We inadvertently radiate the negativity we've taken in, perpetuating a cycle of energy drain in ourselves and others. This cycle often manifests in feelings of heaviness, listlessness, and even depression.

The Need for Daily Cleansing
The importance of maintaining our energy hygiene cannot be overstressed. Just as we cleanse our bodies, it's crucial to cleanse our auras, washing away unwanted energies and reinforcing our protective shield.

Rediscover your essence, protect your energy, and navigate life with renewed vigor with Aurelia's Aura range.
  • Cleanses the aura of negative energies
  • Cleanses spaces of negative energies
  • Strengthens the aura
  • Indispensable for daily energetic hygiene
  • Helps prevent being overwhelmed by negativity
  • Seals holes in the aura caused by, for example, drug abuse, medications, psychological problems, depression, etc., and protects against invasions by negative energy forms.

Note: If you find the scent unpleasant, it is a sure sign that you urgently need 'aura' to cleanse your aura of negative energies. The more pleasant the scent becomes to you, the less resistance you have to letting go of negative energies. Also available as:

Unveil a unique olfactory experience with the AURA Essential Oil Blend, meticulously curated by Aurelia Essential Oils. Specially designed for the contemporary individual, this blend is more than just an aromatic treat; it serves as a daily energy companion, ensuring your aura remains pure, vibrant, and fortified against the rigors of modern life.

  • Fennel: Offers a sweet, earthy aroma reminiscent of aniseed, providing a grounding and balancing effect.
  • Frankincense: A timeless scent, its rich, woody warmth is mingled with subtle hints of spice and deep balsamic undertones, bestowing serenity.
  • Yarrow: A touch of herbaceous green with a slightly sweet floral note, invigorating the senses while encouraging tranquility.
  • Vetivert: Often referred to as the "oil of tranquility," Vetivert presents a complex interplay of woody, earthy, and smoky notes, anchoring the blend with its deep-rooted calm.



  • Purifying Essence: Actively seals "holes" in the aura, ensuring a protective shield against harmful influences, whether from drug consumption or other negative exposures.
  • Holistic Soothing: Whether it's the aftermath of indulging in alcohol, an overload of screen time, or encounters with draining energies, this blend offers an immediate calming and centering effect.
  • Reviving Refresh: Ideal for those bustling days when everything feels overwhelming; a few drops can reset your energy, making it the perfect companion for urban dwellers and anyone in high-stress environments.

Scent Profile:
Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend where the sweet licorice notes of fennel dance with the deep, resinous tones of frankincense. The gentle whisper of yarrow's floral embrace intertwines with the grounding, earthy nuances of vetivert. Together, these oils converge, creating an aroma that is both refreshing and deeply soothing—a scent that evokes a walk through a serene forest just after a light rain.

Note: If you find the scent unpleasant, it is a sure sign that you urgently need 'aura' to cleanse your aura of negative energies. The more pleasant the scent becomes to you, the less resistance you have to letting go of negative energies.

There's versatility in every drop. Incorporate it into your meditation routine, diffuse during moments of relaxation, or simply breathe in its restorative aroma when the world feels a touch too chaotic. Discover the myriad ways the Aura Essential Oil Blend can enhance your daily energy rituals.

The Entire Aura Range
Our meticulously crafted Aura range, offered in four versatile variants:
1. Essential Oil Blend: A potent concoction of nature's best to purify and revitalize.
2. Aura and Room Spray: A spritz of freshness for you and your space.
3. Shower Gel: Transform your daily showers into an energetic cleansing ritual.
4. Bath Salt: Immerse in a rejuvenating bath that cleanses on all levels.

Each product harnesses the power of our specially curated blend, ensuring a comprehensive cleansing experience. Liberate yourself and your spaces from the clutches of negativity and bask in the restored vibrancy of your aura.

Aura Essential Oil Blend - Aurelia Essential Oils®
Aura Essential Oil Blend Sale price$29.00 USD