Spritz Aromatique

Instantly fill any room with our wonderful essences.

Our spritz aromatique consist of structured water and our high energy essential oils, bottled without chemicals or alcohols.

Every mixture is bottled in the same UV glass we use for our essential oils to protect from harmful effects of light and increase shelf life.  Many companies will package their products in imitation violate glass, and market their product with UV protection, however these imitations do not have the same protective qualities.  This is usually indicated by a peeling or chipping of the violet film on the bottle after extended use, or the bottle appears "reddish/purple" rather than deep violet when held against a light.  We chose to use true violet glass for the spritz aromatique line due to the sensitivity of sensitive quality of water,  As water is a sharing element, it can easily become contaminated if used in a clear, or plastic bottle, unprotected from empathic "pick-ups" which is then recycled as it is sprayed.  When you want to spray our oils, you do not want to spray whatever the water has absorbed from outside the bottle.

You can compare a self-made spray bottle with a spritz aromatique and experience the difference yourself.