Pisces Essential Oil Blend

$54.70 USD

Use the power of plants to overcome the effects of the planets!

This blend can be used during the month of Pisces -- February 20 - March 20 -- to get out from under its negative influence and use the available energy in the best possible way.

    Helps to overcome degraded qualities of Pisces:

    • Fearful.
    • Spaced out.
    • Avoids confrontation.
    • Daydreams.
    • Easily addicted.
    • Prone to escapism.
    • Wishy washy.
    • Loses confidence.

    Use this blend to strengthen positive Pisces traits:

    • Sympathetic.
    • Certain.
    • Finds affinity where there is diversity.

    Oil: Chamomile Roman, Chamomile German, Clary Sage, Sage, Ylang-Ylang Extra.

    Spritz: Structured Water, Chamomile Roman, Chamomile German, Clary Sage, Sage, Ylang-Ylang Extra.

    • The essential oils used for this synergy come from the best growing areas on earth.
    • This blend contains sustainably grown ingredients.
    • Every product is made from carefully selected ingredients from our network of farmers.
    • Our raw materials are made at the source and we blend each formula by hand.

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