After Sport Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oil Blend to help reduce lactic acid build-up in the muscle tissue.
  • Eases muscular pains after vigorous athletic activity.
  • Ideal for the after stretch cool-down after any sporting activity such as yoga, aerobics, cycling, walking, boxing, swimming, dancing, kickboxing, running, jogging, pilates, rock climbing, skiing, and more.
  • Helps transition the body from a state of exertion to normal function.
  • Soothes soreness after working out.
  • Has a lemony, fresh and lively aroma.
  • Also available as shower gel for the after-workout shower.
  • Helps to stop playing mind games with others.
  • Helps with poor loser mentality.
  • Helps to win gracefully.

Tips for use

Mix a few drops of this essential oil blend with your favorite unscented lotion or carrier oil and apply before and/or after working out. This essential oil blend can also be inhaled after working out to calm the mind and integrate the energy.

    Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Laurel Leaf, Marjoram. No fillers. No synthetic fragrances. Only pure essential oil blends.

    • The essential oils used for this synergy come from the best growing areas on earth.
    • This blend contains sustainably grown ingredients.
    • Every product is made from carefully selected ingredients from our network of farmers.
    • Our raw materials are made at the source and we blend each formula by hand.

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