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Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats.

In part 1, we talked about how to help your pet heal various conditions, how to ease pain, and how to determine if your beloved companion needs care

Now we'll explore how to ease fears, make traveling more comfortable for your furry friends, and what to do if your pet is nearing the end of life.

How can you tell if your dog or cat is frightened?

Another sad condition of being an animal is that they are always, on some level, in a state of fear. Running in the background are primal fears of predators and competitors for territory, food, and other resources. When fear is more pronounced, however, our oils give you the opportunity to step in and do what we can to ease that added layer of suffering. Signs may include skittish behavior, whimpering, whining, panting for no apparent reason, refusing to walk, scrambling out of your arms so violently that you may inadvertently get scratched, or hiding under furniture or in other dark places.


What can you do to ease your pet’s fears?

We recommend:

  • Relax.
  • Deep Relax.
  • devarikha Peace.
  • Temple. If your dog or cat balks at entering a certain place, be it a room in your house, a corner of your backyard, or your boyfriend’s car, whip out your trusty Temple spray and spritz the area. It’s like magic!


Consider also using our Chakra Blends on your pets.

This topic merits a post of its own, and we hope to have that for you soon!


Note: Natural healing for pets isn’t only for pets. The truth is, your pet may be anxious only because you are.

The more you manage your own fears, the less likely your pet will be to take them on. Consider being proactive with the help of our essential oils, meditation, and other wholesome methods. You might also consider booking an appointment with our co-founder Arik Xander, who is a powerful healer.


How can you tell if your dog or cat is getting carsick?

We all assume that dogs love nothing more than to go bye-bye in our cars, but it’s just not the case for all dogs. And even though your dog may always want to be by your side, they can get carsick, just like a human can.


TIP: You can use our aromatherapy shower gels on your animals. They are totally safe and and easy way to apply the healing effects of the essential oils. Dogs love it!


What can you do to prevent and ease carsickness?

  • A sniff of Peppermint provides instant relief.
  • Center and/or Grounding are two blends that help your pet to feel safe and connected to the earth, even in a moving car.


A note on traveling with pets on a plane.

Airports are anxiety-producing places for people and pets alike. Even a human being who is elated at the prospect of jetting away on a vacation can walk into an airport and pick up, without realizing it, the worries and fears of hundreds of people who are rushing to catch a flight, or have a fear of flying, or are wondering if they forgot to pack an essential item or turn off the stove. Imagine how a dog or cat, who is super-attuned to the emotional spikes of humans and animals alike, must feel in such an environment. Add to that the confinement of a pet carrier and the intense noise level, and you’ve got all the makings of an anxiety-producing experience.


What can you do to ease your pet through air travel?

  • Center blend will help your pet to stay centered through all the hustle, bustle, and all-around disruption of traveling.
  • Kid’s Delight: Calm and cheer your pet with Kid's Delight. Your dog can feel the sense of wonder and adventure he does when he’s hanging his head out the window of your car instead of feeling bored and neglected in his pet carrier. And your cat will be able to access her playful side and be entertained rather than frightened by the parade of humanity she sees through the bars of her pet carrier.
  • Firewall: to help protect your pet from absorbing everyone else’s fears
  • You can also use any of the oils we listed above for fears.
  • Relax or Deep Relax to help your pet sleep.


What if you’ve exhausted all treatments and remedies for your ailing pet, and your vet tells you there’s nothing more you can do?

At some point, it’s important for us as pet parents to understand that as difficult as it is to accept, our pet’s time on this earth is limited. At some point, without exception, it is time for each of us to die. This is one of the most difficult things to accept. However, working to ease our beloved companion’s suffering in its last months, weeks, or days is a true act of love, and we highly recommend the following:

  • Kid’s Delight: to cheer your pet and bring him as much joy and playfulness as possible during this difficult time.
  • aurelia Peace: to ease your pet’s fears and help your pet let go. It will also help you to let go.

Despite the impermanence of their time with us, the best thing we can do for our pets is provide what they need for a peaceful death.

May your life together be long, happy, and healthy!

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[photo by Michael Sum on Unsplash]

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