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Essential Oil Protection Against Electromagnetic Fields.

A Force Field Against Electromagnetic Fields.

Electromagnetic energy envelops us every day with the assistance of the latest toys, gadgets, and other conveniences. While we love the advent of 5G to keep us connected in The Age of Aquarius, #TogetherApart and such, the frequencies the information rides on does take its toll on your wellbeing.

The devices that operate within the electromagnetic spectrum include televisions, iPhones, smartphones, navigation systems, metal detectors, computers, Wi-Fi, everything that’s connected via bluetooth in our smarthomes, and so on.

In the spectrum of electromagnetic energy, there are many frequencies and unseen energies, from the low-end infrasound to the high-end ultrasound. 

Because the body operates on electricity, electromagnetic fields can interfere with our internal electric and thereby etheric 'wiring' (i.e., meridians and chakras).  As information, such as the data in a text message or news report, is traveling through these electromagnetic frequencies, they are intersecting with our internal wiring. So we really don't need to listen to the news to be affected, or influenced, by it.

These interferences have an impact on our emotional, mental, and physical states (as a crude example we suggest researching what happened to the men who discovered the X-ray.)

Fields and waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together, i.e. radiating through space at the speed of light contain electric charges that can distort the body’s own electrical field. This can make it difficult for anyone to properly function, heal, think for themselves or even sleep. 

We created an essential oil blend called firewall to counteract the effects of electromagnetic energy and confusion. I developed this blend in the car after a visit to Europe. After being exposed to an onslaught of EMF's in airport security, I realized I needed something to clear the energy pathways of my body. It worked so well that I knew it was time to introduce it into the market. Over the many years it's been publicly available, we've seen great success with clients who are dealing with EMF sensitivity - whether they are aware of it or not!

We have seen many clients with intense headaches, poor sleep, excessive sweating, dizziness and mental dullness immediately improve after using the blend firewall.

firewall also helps in cases of an unethical and thereby low-energy lifestyle. Every heartbeat and brain wave transmits your energy signature to whomever or whatever you think or feel about, no different than a satellite transmission. These incoming and outgoing energy transmissions do affect us down to a cellular level and cause water molecules in the body to vibrate and swell. Use firewall to protect yourself from these broadcasts from other's cold hearts and vile thoughts, because as we say, even a 'cold heart' still beats.

If you've ever heard of a psychic attack or evil eye, firewall is the essential oil blend to use to protect yourself from it! While aura is rather used once the attack has penetrated and you need to get it out of your system!

firewall is a powerful aid to strengthening your individual charge and supporting equilibrium in the sewer of electromagnetic pollution.

We offer different types of products that feature the firewall essential oil blend.

  • Use the firewall shower gel to discharge the entire body. (coming soon)
  • The firewall bath salts (coming soon) can be used to soak for longer periods, which is useful if you know you need to go out or be exposed for a longer time. 
  • The firewall Spritz Aromatique (coming soon) is effective for work, the car or your personal space. 
  • Get the firewall essential oil blend to diffuse in an aroma lamp, wear as a protective ointment, or create your own means.

When & Where To Use It

Cell Phones. Place a couple of dabs of Firewall behind your ears, since cell phones emit microwave radiation. Double the dose if you are talking to someone who is negative.

The Workplace. Most offices are highly charged electrical environments that are in a constant state of flux as people move around and come and go. If you feel weak in a vortex of energy like this and have headaches or just feel dull working within a network of computers under fluorescent lights, use our Firewall Spritz Aromatique to spray the room where the Wi-Fi and networks are.  The next best thing if this is not permitted is applying Firewall immediately outside of the workplace.

Airport Security. For anyone walking through a full-body scan at the airport, know these magnetic rays penetrate clothing. Its subtle effects will stay with you for at least 24 hours or longer, depending how sensitive you are. Firewall will neutralize this disturbance. We recommend putting it into a smaller spray bottle due to the restricting travel law procedures. If you choose to be physically patted down, then we suggest using aura to clean off the energy from the stranger's hands touching your junk.

CT Scan. The human body is very sensitive to the radiation from a computed tomography full-body scan. A typical CT scan radiates the same amount of radiation as the WWII Japanese atom bomb survivors were exposed to two miles from ground zero.

MRI. The magnetic force needed to produce the scan is up to 60,000 times the earth's own magnetic field. After the test, the water molecules in your body are manipulated for about 30 minutes and there can be extreme electromagnetic confusion throughout the body.

Television. If you watch TV, make sure you have Firewall going in the aroma lamp, as television broadcasts transmit on the same frequency as the heart center, 440.00 Hz. This makes for a wide-open door for subliminal messaging from media merchants and 'public' manipulations.

Psychic Attacks. In Tibetan Buddhism often a wall of fire, or firewall, encircles a mandala protecting the innermost jewels. Our firewall works in the same way, as negative energies and thoughts have their own form and frequency. firewall Spritz Aromatique is a powerful defense to these attacks. Those of you who feel you fluctuate with weight should consider that psychic attacks affect the body’s water molecules to vibrate, leaving the body swollen for some time. So firewall can protect you from incoming transmissions and prevent letting your transmissions reach others.

Common Scanners. The security measures that are taken to prevent theft in retail stores serve as high exposure to electromagnetic distortion. Walking through security scanners has a subtle yet severe effect on your state of body and mind; so if you ever feel spaced out under fluorescent lighting or after passing through some 'innocent' looking scanner (often by the front door), just be sure to remember you have firewall. This will make your shopping experience more efficient and not subject to the influence of merchants.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. Applying firewall for exposure to this type of lighting is a must! Our research has shown us that subjects weaken from this negative stimuli. 'Energy-saving' is a state of mind; don't let the hype scare you into buying something you don't need and will cost you expensive medical bills in the long run.

Use firewall essential oil blend in your aroma lamp right now. Use it in your home to help your children concentrate and loved ones who are not acting as themselves.

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