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Article: Baking Soda Deodorant with Essential Oils


Baking Soda Deodorant with Essential Oils

one of the best ways to use our essential oil synergies is to make a natural deodorant with essential oils and baking soda.

Sweating is a good thing, as many toxins are eliminated from the body via the pores.  Sometimes however, sweat can smell nasty when there is a lifetime of toxins in line to be eliminated.

While we cannot control the odor emitting from the guy next to us, we owe it to ourself and everyone around us to make sure we smell good, especially in the event of detoxing/sweating out foul body odor.  There is nothing worse than hugging a smelly person, and accomplishing this does not mean we need to compromise our health with chemically treated deodorants found in stores.  Our body doesn't need artificial deodorants that are confusing the senses.

Masking a stench with artificial fragrances found in perfumes and industrial deodorants will not remove the stench of body odor and contain petroleum, which is capable of causing confusion and stress for the body and mind.  Cancer research has found chemicals from women's deodorant, such as parabens, in many breast tumors.

as the body is trying to rid itself of toxins, we want to support it with a technique that assists its process and has natural complements.  to get products that slow down (but not entirely stop) the detoxification process, click here.

An easy alternative to store-bought deodorant is found a few rows over in the cooking aisle in an orange box called “baking soda.”  Baking soda is the purest, most effective and harmless deodorant we can use.  Our essential oils agree with the substance as a "carrier."  So we can create an all-natural essential oil deodorant right on the spot.

It’s very easy to use: Keep the baking soda in your bathroom with your essential oil synergies.  You can repackage the baking soda in an all-purpose shaker.  First remove the cap of the blend that you choose to use with the baking soda. Add 1/2 teaspoon (see picture above) of baking soda in the palm of one hand and add a drop of essential oil to the baking soda. Make the free hand damp with a few drops of water and mix this together to create a paste. Then apply this under both armpits and other needed areas.  That's it!

Here are some recommendations for beginners:

  • Lymphatic System: to strengthen your immune system, as a lot of lymph nodes are found at the arm pits. 
  • Air Fresh: if you already keep a spray bottle of Air Fresh in your bathroom, then all you need to do is spray it onto the baking soda in your hand to create your paste. 
  • Energy: to energize the morning routine. 
  • Respiratory System: if you have a cold, cough or sinus infection - or to prevent it!

A safe deodorant is important, since what we apply onto the skin works its way into our body as proven by medicinal patches and prescription mixtures.  Everything seeps into the body via the skin.

More Tips

  • There are many applications we can try with this technique.  For example, if there is already a spray bottle of Air Fresh in the bathroom, just spray 3 or 4 times into the baking soda to create the deodorant paste without any hassle.  Try Pleasure, as it contains sandalwood which keeps the skin soft and has a lavender-spearmint combo to help combat unwanted odors; or blends with lemon for its zingy effects.  Gentlemen who like a deep earthy aroma choose a drop of Grounding, which also contains sandalwood.
  • There is often a great temptation to use more baking soda than needed.  Try to avoid this, as it will show on your clothing when you sweat throughout the day. 
  • To prevent this, let your pits dry out before getting dressed.
  • I would also suggest finding the best baking soda that works for you.  My favorite is Arm & Hammer baking soda.  Others have not worked well with my skin, so be sure to use the baking soda that is best for you.  Not all baking sodas are created equal!
  • You can use virtually any synergy, except the ones that contain cinnamon, as it tends to burn the mucous membranes on the skin. (e.g., Creativity, Chakra 1 and Remember).
  • After a shower, mix a few drops of any synergy (that does not contain cinnamon) with half a teaspoon of baking soda and dampen it with some water to create a paste. Apply this to each armpit and feel free to apply it to other areas if there is extra left.

Don't reek!

One more thing: The hand in the picture above has a very cute ring created by the security rings found on every cap. Feel free to mix and match with our essential oil blends to make a natural deodorant with baking soda.

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