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Article: natural vs. artificial perfumes

natural vs. artificial perfumes

natural vs. artificial perfumes

If you have ever been around someone soaked in perfume, you have an idea how difficult it can be to breathe or concentrate.

People who drench themselves in perfume have killed their sense of smell and can no longer smell how much they have on.

This includes fragrances contained in cleaning products and cosmetics.

Chances are if the cosmetic products and cleaning supplies were smelled before artificial fragrances were added, they wouldn't be used. Imagine how strong the fragrance must be to mask the harsh odor of chemicals.

A keen sense of smell is vital, as it tells you about harmful components in products, environmental dangers, and even about the body and other people.

Destroying your sense of smell is like not using your car's windshield wipers in a storm. We cannot usually detect harmful substances hidden within foods, or products just by touching or looking at them. Usually, we are already at the effect stage before we notice that a product or perfume might not sit well with us.

Our sense of smell, however, can usually indicate when something is "off" - but when our sense of smell is dead, our chances are slim.

Our essential oil blends are natural perfumes which complement and synergize uniquely to each person.

As the essence makes contact with the skin, the chemical compounds change from their pure state to complement whomever is wearing it. In this way, it smells different on everyone.  They have great benefits and do not contain any chemicals like pheromones and petroleum - neither of which will make you more "sexy."

In fact, after constant use of wearing our natural perfumes, you will begin to notice how artificial perfumes worn by others "compete" with the essences - getting stronger and stronger to fight off the smell of the pure essential oil.

It's fascinating and can be observed when eating in a restaurant, for example.

In ancient Greece, essential oils were commonly known as sacred oils for their 'godly' properties. Used not only for beauty but for healing, precious oils had a big part in rituals and offerings when honoring the divine in temples. Our healing oils have effects on all levels, and can help you improve any area of your life.

With the onslaught of celebrity-branded perfumes found anywhere from high-end department stores to pharmacies, it can be difficult to find a scent that works for you. 

Our oils are here for you, and whenever you want to smell good, try one of our all-natural perfume-quality blends such as God/dess Within, Men's Blend or Prosperity.

Not only are they reverent to most environments, but will also restore, maintain or refine your sense of smell.  

Check out our perfume-quality blends in our perfume collection.

Please share your experiences with us in the comments below.


photo credit: lynea / adobe stock
photo credit: poosan / adobe stock

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