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Article: Keeping your aura strong & clean.

Keeping your aura strong & clean.

Keeping your aura strong & clean.

We see so many healers and therapists who have a low vibration because their aura is "dirty" or "crowded." This happens when a practitioner fails to clear himself between sessions - which can be very dangerous for clients or patients receiving treatment.

It is irresponsible for any practitioner to treat without clearing their aura as well as the space they work in. This is akin to a doctor who washes his hands after meeting with a patient, or the hospital workers who clean the bed and room before the next patient arrives.

Whether it is emotions that are released during talk therapy, or the pain that is released in acupuncture, a sound bath, or any other treatment - the sheer amount of empathy exchanged should never be underestimated or overlooked. 

That releasing energy is transferred somewhere else, and can be "picked up" by anyone, or anything.  The energy that practitioners "pick up" can then be carried into their personal and private lives, which can lead to chronic confusion and a low-vibrational lifestyle.  This happens all too often, as most practitioners are not aware of their contamination or are not cleaning themselves properly between sessions and at the end of the day.

The opposite is also true for practitioners who do not cleanse themselves before they enter their healing space, and bring their personal filters into the healing, therapeutic space.

What's more concerning is the danger the patients and clients are put in. Think of it....who wants to receive a treatment from a practitioner who is crowded with all the energy from other clients/patients!?  Or who would want to date or marry this person!?  A lot of energetic and long-term physical damage can ensue to people who are not cleaning themselves between energy exchanges.

If helping your clients and patients is your main goal, then every practitioner should use Aura by devarikha - an energetic tool which is aimed to clean and clear the aura of people, places, spaces, animals and anything with an aura.

How to use it:

  • Upon inhaling this essential oil blend, your sense of perception will shift and begin to purify.  
  • You can also quickly spray Aura around your body and workspace between sessions with our Spritz Aromatique, or use it directly in intensely emotional situations.
  • To clear yourself after a day's work, shower with our Aura Shower Power gel, or soak in a 20-minute bath with Aura Bath Salt. (This is the only bath salt that is free of food-grade-color, because the oil was not synergizing with any of the colors during our testing phase.  It kept "rejecting" any foreign attributes - even though the food color we use is of the highest European grade!)

Any practitioner should make Aura a part of any session and should even consider giving your patients aura treatments with the Aura essential oil blend.

A note to patients and clients on the market for a practitioner:
  • Ask your practitioner what they are doing to clean themselves between sessions - you have a right to know.
  • Keep in mind that as your aura begins to strengthen and becomes clean and bright, you will notice lower vibrations that people carry around with them. Many of those people sit for hours in the waiting areas or session rooms.
  • If your practitioner is not cleaning his/her aura and space between sessions, feel free to recommend the essence Aura by devarikha.
  • If he/she is not open to the idea, then you might want to start searching for a new therapist or practitioner, since a low-energy professional can do more harm than help.

When your energy hygiene is valuable to you, be sure to never run out of Aura essential oil.

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