Astro blends

your birth chart is as important as your birth certificate!

from the moment we are reborn into this world, the position of the stars are determined by our karma which we can study by reading our birth chart.  to the degree we are unaware of our astrological karma determines its influence over us.  one of the responsibilities we have in this life is to overcome the unfavorable influences of the zodiac and planets.

there are twelve zodiac signs, which all are within us to stronger and/or lesser degrees.  each archetype has specific challenges and blessings to offer us - and depending on our attitude we will either reap the blessings or struggle with the obstacles the archetypes present.  when we work through the challenges with awareness, we draw down the gifts and positive qualities which are within our birth chart.

our astrology blends have been intuitively formulated to overcome the degraded influence each sign of the zodiac and bring out the positive qualities and attributes of each archetype.  we can use these blends according to our birth chart and also during the concordant zodiac cycles or transits.