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Article: sleep essentials: protection

sleep essentials: protection

sleep essentials: protection

When we are awake, we can (and hopefully do) use our powers of observation and intuition to notice when we are in physical danger. Furthermore, we can learn to trust our ability to sense subtle or intangible signs. These built-in sensors enable us to intuit when we are the object of envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, or arrogance. These are what we call psychic attacks, and they can cause us mental, emotional, or even physical discomfort.

we can respond to such attacks by:

  • Removing ourselves from the situation whenever possible. 
  • Summoning compassion for the person who is attacking us. 
  • Refusing to react to the situation with anger, fear or hatred. 
  • Marshaling protective energies through affirmations, prayer, or other forms of positive thinking.  
  • Using our protective essential oil blends. 
But how can we protect ourselves from such attacks during sleep? Fortunately, we offer essential oil blends that enable your body, mind, and bedroom to become guarded temples of restful sleep. You may have relaxed your wakeful vigilance and slipped into unconsciousness, but our oils never relax their guard. They even work to protect you from the effects of your own repressed negative thoughts and emotions, which might otherwise emerge and manifest as sleeplessness, restless sleep, or unpleasant dreams.

here are our protective blends:

Temple -  creates the space to retreat into the inner temple.

If you have ever had a creepy feeling about entering a room and listened to that feeling, then you know that one doesn’t have to see something to know that it’s there.  Just as you shower or bathe daily to cleanse yourself of invisible impurities on your body, consider diffusing Temple essential oil blend or spraying Temple Spritz Aromatique in your bedroom to clean out whatever is impure from your physical space.  Also works wonders for kids who are afraid of the boogie man. The last thing you want to do while asleep is subject yourself or your children to unclean energies.

    Aura - helps to clean, strengthen and protect the aura from negative energies.

    • Throughout our day, we are exposed to all sorts of energies, positive and negative, and, unless we cleanse them away, we will carry them with us into sleep. That is why we highly recommend nightly cleansing of the body with products from our Aura Essential Oil Collection.
    • Sometimes the energies we have been exposed to, such as trauma or drug use (past or present), can create holes in our personal aura (the protective energy field that surrounds our body). Our Aura Essential Oil Collection systematically works to close up those holes and create an impenetrable barrier.
    • Clients often tell us that once they incorporate Aura into their bedtime routine, they cannot do without it.

        Bedtime Applications:

        • Shower or bathe: Use our highly concentrated Aura Drizzle shower gel, Aura bath salts , or Aura essential oil blend.
        • Aura Drizzle shower gel is the easiest and fastest option. Or you may indulge in a cool, warm, or hot bath with Aura bath salts.
        • To wash with Aura essential oil straight from the bottle: Squeeze your favorite body wash onto wet hands or a wet washcloth, dispense a few drops of Aura into the gel, and mix it in with your fingers.
        • Spray: An alternative or add-on to bathing or showering. Generously spray your body, bedding, pajamas, and the clothes you wore during the day with Aura Spritz Aromatique.
        • Diffuse: Keep Aura diffusing on your nightstand while you sleep. If you don’t want a candle burning, consider an ultrasonic or other plug-in diffuser, but make sure it has a lights-off option to help you fall asleep.

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              Bedtime Applications:

                Sweet Dreams - promotes pleasant dream activity.

                Bedtime Applications:

                  Don’t hesitate to use more than one of these products at a time, or all of them at once! Feel free to layer them in your space and/or on your body.

                  for more information or personalized guidance

                  • Click on the product links above for additional details, testimonials, and application tips. We also have a dedicated applications page.

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