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Article: sleep essentials: calming the mind & body

sleep essentials: calming the mind & body

sleep essentials: calming the mind & body

According to the National Institutes of Health, quality sleep in sufficient quantities helps us heal, learn, remember, solve problems, regulate our emotions, and achieve a healthy weight. But how do we achieve quality sleep?

In this four-part series, we suggest essential oil blends that you can incorporate into your bedtime routine for restful, healing, and even beautifying sleep. Once you start using our essential oil blends, you’ll find them to be as essential to your nightly routine as washing your face and brushing your teeth.

This first installment is about how to create the state of calm that will lead you into restful sleep.

calming the mind:

If you are unable to stop ruminating about the day’s events or worrying about tomorrow, then sleep can seem unattainable, let alone waking up rested. Fortunately, we have two essential oil collections, Relax and Deep Relax, which are tremendously effective, no matter how busy-minded, obsessive, or worried you may be.

Relax: the ultimate chillaxing blend.

Gives the busy mind some much-needed time off so that you can fall asleep and rest easy. Wake up refreshed and without a trace of grogginess. (Also perfect to use during your waking hours if you are feeling stressed.)

Bedtime Applications:
  • If you are using the oil straight from the bottle: One or more drops on your pillow and or under your nose work like magic. And/or diffuse in an aroma lamp. If you don’t want a candle burning while you sleep, try an ultrasonic diffuser or other plug-in diffuser, and make sure it has a lights-off function, as light tells the body to stay awake.
  • If you are using the Spritz Aromatique, shake well and spray your pillow lightly. You can also spray your face.
  • You can also bathe in our Ocean of Relax bath salts before bed.

    Deep Relax: a stronger option.

    You’ll sleep very deeply with this natural sleep aid. Perfect if you have at least seven or eight hours available for sleep or if you have a long flight and can’t typically sleep on a plane. If your sleep schedule won’t allow for a long, very deep sleep, use Relax instead.

    Bedtime Applications:
    • If you are using the oil straight out of the bottle: One drop on your pillow and/or a drop under your nose, and you’ll be sleeping like a log.
    • If you are using the Spritz Aromatique, shake well, and spray your pillow lightly. You can also spray your face.

      aurelia Peace: If fear, anxiety, or worry are robbing you of rest...

      ...this irresistible blend will allow you to let go and sleep peacefully.

      Bedtime Applications:

      calming the body:

      You can’t very well feel calm if you suffer from aches and pains, tight muscles, hot flashes, or cramps. Thus we have several options to help ease your body into sleep readiness. These blends activate your body’s natural healing energies, which can more readily do their magic while you are in dreamland. Don’t be afraid to layer one or more of these blends on the same parts of the body, if you wish. For instructions tailored specifically for you, please schedule a dash Chiron Point Healing session.

      Back&Shoulders PM

      Aimed to soothe pain and rebuild strength specifically in the back and/or the shoulders region.

      Pain Ease

      “Like a kiss on a wound.”

      Muscle Ease

      For any kind of muscle strain or cramping.

      Arthrose PM

      If you suffer from arthritis or stiff hands.

      After Sport 

      A cool-down if you work out shortly before bed. Comes in shower gel, too.

      Muscles & Joints

      Eases musculoskeletal discomfort.


      Bye-bye, hot flashes, mood swings, and other negative experiences about aging and maturation.

        For more information or personalized guidance:

          We wish you a calm body and mind, and perfect sleep!

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