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Article: Our blends are like fine wines.

Our blends are like fine wines.

Our blends are like fine wines.

Our synergies are 'living' products, meaning they are based upon ‘life energy’ or ‘chi,’ and need to be handled with care.

Here are some management tips everybody should follow whether you are a fan or a first time user:

  • 1. When pouring out essential oils, don't ever make contact with the dropper to the skin, as this can lead to bacterial contamination.

    • So, saliva, mucous, blood, dirt, grime, etc. back-flowing into the bottle is less than ideal for optimal effects and shelf-life.
    • Simply pour above the desired location, like into your hand for example.
  • 2. Be patient if the oil is not pouring out 'fast enough.'

    • Keep this in mind while pouring our ‘faster, lighter’ oils too. It's all about finesse and patience.
    • If nothing is coming out you may gently blow, at the strength of a gentle whistle, into the dropper to pop any air bubbles.
  • 3. Always keep your essential oils in a cool place, free from heat and light of any kind.

    • e.g. Leaving e.oils in the car during summer will destroy the therapeutic properties - our oils are never exposed to heat.
    • Our violet glass bottles protect from most rays, but not heat.
  • 4. Some clients have difficulty throwing away old, empty bottles for nostalgic reasons.

    • Whatever you do with your garbage is your business; however, we strongly advise against re-filling or 'topping off' used bottles for contamination reasons explained in tip no. 1.
    • Just know who or whatever sees, touches, smells, remembers, talks or thinks about our products receives a blessing from The Medicine Buddha. By throwing empty oils away you're making a difference; just think of the benefits of recycling, for example.
  • 5. If you habitually lend or rent your essential oils out, stop.

    • Give them away rather than having a contaminated bottle returned in poor shape.
    • If you want to give as a gift, just buy a new product.
  • 6. Our products are empathic and become very personal to the owner.

    • If you loan your oils out or share them with others, it does diminish the personal healing effect, as the oils are ‘alive’ and respond to the owner.
    • Prevent confusing the empathic accommodation; stop letting others to use your personal oils.
  • 7. If you feel the need to check the level of the oil in a violet bottle, you shouldn't remove the dropper.

    • If you shake the bottle and feel liquid move, then you have a lot left.
    • Our droppers pour out to the last drop. Guaranteed.
  • 8. Finally, if you want to be hasty - or cannot control how much comes out while using our oils onto your skin, it’s best to use a base oil or your favorite carrier.

    • This way, you can be as mindless with the carrier as you want without contaminating the essence.
    • Designate carrier bases for your favorite essentials oils versus using the oils as a carrier of contaminants like bacteria, microscopic skin flakes, body oil, etc.! Yuck!

    Our blends are like fine wines because they get better with age (especially blends with woody single notes) if they are managed with care.

    • If they have become contaminated, all bets are off.
    • Any blends with citrus single notes should generally be used within 2 years, depending how often you use them.
    • Proper storage determines the longevity of your personal essential oils.

    The one thing we want to stress is that our essences work best when used instead sitting on a shelf looking pretty.

    As always, read the label: use only by the drop, keep out of the reach of children and for external use only!

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