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mosquito repellent essential oil synergy

"Since childhood - mosquitoes have had a love affair with my skin! They filled their bellies with my sweet blood and left me scratching and crying for days! You can only imagine my anxiety to travel to Costa Rica "by the sea" while the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) included on their site "Zika outbreaks have been reported in Costa Rica".

My first instinct was to contact dharmaceuticals and inquire
about an EO that "may" help?

MOSQUITO REPELLENT - I applied it daily mostly on my ankles and my arms = not one bite for 10 days, in spite of horseback riding and river rafting along the jungle and long walk on untamed sandy beaches.

Because of the essence of this oil, I fully and peacefully enjoyed my retreat! A new remedy for the whole family onward! Thank you dharmaceuticals!" D.E.

"I have always been attacked by mosquitoes. I recently went to play Ping-Pong at dusk with some friends and there had been so many mosquitoes that it almost ruined the experience and took the fun out of playing. This was before I used mosquito repellent. The next week, when we went to play (at the same time of day), I lathered myself in mosquito repellent before I left my house and sprayed it around us and there was a huge difference! On the first day I had many bites, so many I couldn’t count. With mosquito repellent I had only 1 bite! It was like a shield was pushing all the mosquitoes away. What was very interesting too was that when we walked back to my house, we took the same path as always and there had been no mosquitoes! I had the haunch that because we walked through already wearing mosquito repellent, it really pushed the mosquitoes away. Very interesting, I will not be without mosquito repellent in the summer a great, natural solution." A