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Witch's Brew Essential Oil Blend

Sale price€11,95 EUR

Even her mother says Aurelia was born a “hexe”. The Original White Witch, Aurelia has invoked over 100 magical potions for the world to use to improve their lives and take refuge in a world of darkness. 2022 is another year we can enjoy her special creation, “witch’s brew” which is a combination of many sweet and magical ingredients - still 100% our essential oil mixture.

Her “Witch’s Brew" is usually a secret thing, for employee use only. But it’s just too much magic to keep for ourselves. This is why we offer a limited edition while supplies last for the Halloween Season of 2022.

The properties of this blend read something like The Scarlet Witch’s profile page, but remember Aurelia is a White Witch so it’s entirely selfless (read that again, selfless). However, this blend increases the magical probability, reality shifting, and powerful access to magical energies as well as probability manipulation, the ability to sense magic, spell casting, time influence, and manipulation - plus healing and protective fields which is especially important during the Halloween season when the veil to the otherwise is thin.

2022 Limited Edition (while supplies last)!

Ingredients: "sugar, spice & everything nice!"
(we literally just about every blend and single-note we have in this blend)

    How to Use

    • Pour a few drops of this blend into an oil lamp/diffuser to fill your room with the aroma.
    • Use as a protective barrier on Halloween when the ghouls and goblins come out with their tricks!
    • Diffuse where you hand out to trick-or-treaters and those who need extra magic!
    • Use it the way you use your perfume, a couple of drops on the pulse points for example. This is a magical perfume.
    • Knead 2 drops in your hair.
    • Pour 2 drops on a tissue and toss it inside your purse, briefcase, or backpack so every time you open the bag, your will experience an aromatic surprise.
    Witch's Brew Essential Oil Blend
    Witch's Brew Essential Oil Blend Sale price€11,95 EUR