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Essential Keys Cards

Sale price€55,95 EUR

Whenever you need guidance, shuffle these cards and draw one to get the message you need to hear.  Each card and phrase is connected to one of our 100+ blends which can be used in conjunction with the card you have drawn. These keys make it fun to figure out which blends you, or a friend or family member, need for a situation, as it allows the intuitive process to reveal the perfect solution.

  • 100 cards in one box.
  • Made exclusively for use with our essential oils.
  • Makes choosing the right oil easy.
  • Helps friends and family members alike.
  • Connected to pure guidance.
  1. If you need guidance or want to reveal which synergy you need for a situation, person or yourself.....
  2. Hold the object in mind, shuffle the keys 3 times, lay them face down and draw the key magnetizing you.
  3. The phrase on the card is the key to unlocking a solution.  Search the phrase on, in the search box that says "search."
  4. Type in the phrase within “quotations” for a specific result which will lead to a key synergy just for you.
  5. The words may also be contemplated before, during, individually and after use of the guided synergy.