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Affiliate Program

Join the Aurelia Essential Oils® Affiliate Program, and start earning revenue while helping people find the essentials to celebrate life!




Aurelia Essential Oils® has been creating 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil synergies since 1991.  We have always operated by word of mouth, without huge marketing campaigns or investors to generate our business.  Our target audience is every sentient being who wants to improve wellness with natural aromas and celebrate life.  We accomplish this by creating products that contain over 100 different blends, or what we call "synergies."

All of our products are cruelty-free.  We work with fair-trade suppliers when it comes to our bottles, caps, labels, and raw materials.  Every product is prepared by hand and with love in our independent lab.

To achieve true quality and the highest vibration, we search the globe to find where the best botanicals are available every season.  If the mother earth is willing to supply her precious resources for our time-proven recipes to help heal humanity, we respectfully create the synergies.

What's Involved?


After you’ve been approved for the Aurelia Essential Oils® Affiliate Program, you’ll be given your unique affiliate link that you can share on your blog, website, social media, webinars, video tutorials, educational courses — whatever you choose.



The more you promote, the more you earn. Feel free to use our affiliate linking tools and banners to share Aurelia Essential Oils® with your audience and monetize your content.



Generate income as you introduce therapeutic-grade essential oils for body, speech, and mind. Our essential oils improve well being, and as you are Improving people’s lives for the better, you will not only generate income, but also accumulate positive karma.

Anyone can be an Aurelia Essential Oils® affiliate.



Monetize your blog by adding Aurelia Essential Oils banners and affiliate links to your posts.

Social Media Mavericks

Use your social media skills to get the Aurelia Essential Oils name out there using today’s word-of-mouth channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Wellness Advocates

If you want to share the highest quality essential oils and synergies with your audience, promote Aurelia Essential Oils.

Other Media

Report on Aurelia Essential Oils in your podcast, radio show, or news broadcast to deliver the buzz about effective alternative therapies.

Yoga, Meditation, Life-Coach Instructors

Help your students get to the next level by introducing them to our catalogue of over 100 essential oil blends.


Film a skin or hair-care tutorial, review our essential oils, or show us how you use our products. Present something unique.

Want to share with others the tools you used to gain a success? Why not be compensated for it? Share with others the way you use Aurelia Essential Oils!


  • Entry level of 15% commission for every sale you refer.
  • Ability to earn more; you can earn up to 40% commission per sale.
  • Your own affiliate login and account to manage sales.
  • Payment through PayPal, gift card, or check.
  • Your own referral link to our site, which will track any sales for up to 90 days.
  • Affiliate contact, support, and product education.

      What's Next:

      • Apply below.
      • Get approved.
      • Start Promoting!
      • Add our graphic designs and links to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog, and more.
      • Get paid for every sale you refer!





      • Aim for 5 sales or $200 per month.
      • The more you sell, the higher your commission rate will be in the next calendar year.
      • If you think you will sell more than $500 a month, please contact us to negotiate a higher commission rate off the bat. Please be ready to provide site traffic reports, as well as social media analytics.
      • You should have an idea of what our products are and how they contain the essentials to celebrate life!
      • Questions? E-mail us at