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Article: sleep essentials: clarity

sleep essentials: clarity

sleep essentials: clarity

A clear mind is an untroubled mind, which is what we need for restful sleep.  But how can we sleep after a day filled with unsolved puzzles?

Perhaps we still haven’t figured out what to do about that two-faced colleague at work or how to carve out more time for our kids, let alone deal with why we can’t seem to have a conversation with our significant other without it degenerating into an argument. And then there’s that proposal we need to write for our boss, and we haven’t a clue how to start it. 

We don’t have to solve every problem before we sleep, but we need the sort of clarity that assures us all will be well, even if we have no idea how that will happen.

When we are blessed with clear-mindedness, we know that solutions are coming, even if we don’t know what they are just yet. We awaken refreshed, energized, and smarter than we were the night before. We may have even received answers in our sleep!

Here are our essential oil collections for achieving clarity so that you can turn your muddled mind into an uncluttered mind, a mind that is ready to receive restful sleep and creative solutions.

Use one or more of them as part of your bedtime routine. (Feel free to add them to your daytime routines as well!)

Remember essential oil blend

  • We always recommend that everyone do a before-sleep review of the thoughts, feelings, and events of their day. During this review, you summon gratitude for everything positive that happened and ask that everything negative that happened dissolve into nothingness. In other words, count your blessings and take out the trash.
  • This essential bit of mental and emotional housekeeping relieves you of the day’s burdens and prepares you for wholesome sleep. If, however, you do this ritual with a confused mind, you may very well forget significant details from your day (that may not have even seemed significant at the time.)
  • Applications:
    • A drop or two of Remember essential oil blend on your forehead and/or crown of the head will bring back everything you need to recall.
    • You can also diffuse three or more drops on your nightstand.

Emotional Cleansing essential oil blend

  • Another relieving way to take out the trash, especially if you had unpleasant disturbances during the day, such as resentments, petty aggravations, or even an out-and-out fight with anyone from a family member, friend, or colleague to an aggressive stranger at the grocery store. 
  • Applications:

Double Happiness

Clarity: The Crown Jewel

  • No matter how confused you might be, Clarity cuts through it with a sword of light, laying out all before you and allowing you to see everything with clear insight. If you’re looking for the “aha!” then you need our Clarity essential oil collection.
    • When applying Clarity, you can also ask that helpful messages and/or solutions come to you in your sleep. You can even ask for lucid dreams (dreams in which you know you are dreaming. For more on problem-solving dreams and lucid dreaming, check out this article in Scientific American).
    • Applications:

    Please feel free to use as many of these products as you wish at the same time, or all of them at once! You may layer them in your space and/or on your body, and have fun being a human diffuser!

    For more information or personalized guidance:

    • Clicking on the above product links will provide you with additional details, testimonials, and application tips. You can also visit our applications page.

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