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Since September, we have been planning our holiday business - production, inventory, production, logistics, more production, marketing, etc.  In former times, during the holidays, we offered special pricing to our best wholesale clients to support them in THEIR holiday business. Recently, we have been supporting almost all of our resellers so that they can increase their holiday business with ease.

For end sale users, we have given maybe 4 or 5% discounts on "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" - and this was a stretch to keep up with what people expected from us.  And we thought it was fun the 1 or 2 times we participated.

Maybe because this is a Lovers/Devil year or just because the oils have recently undergone an extensive upgrade moving under the umbrella of dharmaceuticals®, this year, something is beginning and something is ending.

I thought about it extensively and did some online research, as I am an avid online shopper, and I asked myself:

"Why and HOW can these retailers offer such exaggerated discounts of 60%+ off of normal pricing?"  

My initial question was, "What is wrong with the product that it can be devalued to such a low price?"  Big companies (that I will not name) have their PR stunts that "give back" to various organizations throughout the year, and it may appear generous.  But I believe that they do these charitable offerings to retain their clients who can then feel better about themselves when they buy from company XYZ.

If a company can afford to strip down 60-80% of a product on one day of shopping and still make a profit, then chances are they are ripping customers off all year.

At dharmaceuticals®, we are in the business of healing - not dealing.

Our profit is not our highest priority.  

We offer truly powerful and effective etheric medicines for anyone who wants to improve their way of life - and there is no shortcut to that.  

Our prices are formulas based on harvest seasons and other environmental factors. When offering precious essential oils, a lot of uncommon factors must be considered, such as farming rights and fair trade acts.

The other day, when I went to Best Buy in Los Feliz to pick up a new keyboard, I saw a lineup of tents and a KTLA LIVE van and reporter interviewing the folks - asking them what they are doing.  Well it was obvious - lining up for the big sale event on Friday.  And I was there on a Monday.

Now, in my reality, time IS energy - time IS money.  If I need to wait in line for 5 days in a tent to save money, and be the first person in line to do it, then I have actually lost money in the amount of time I have been stuck in line.

It can only be concluded that the sensationalism of these marketing stunts around holiday sales are geared toward the 9-5 minds of "the system."  While I have all the compassion in the world for the greed that wants to "save" - it is not anything I want my business to take part in going forward.

Happy Holidays, may you all find happiness,

November 2013

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