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Surviving Family Visits, part 2

In Part 1 of this post, we talked about how challenging it can be to visit with your family of origin.

We talked about some of the typical issues that can come up, and which of our oils can help you find your happy place.

In this second part, we’re going to complete our list of some of the challenges that can arise around family, the oils we recommend, and suggested tips for use.

As we mentioned in part 1, the list of products we recommend in this post is an extensive one, because we want to acquaint you with all of the options. Every person has special needs, so we have made the list as large as possible to accommodate preferences or limitations. How you choose to stock your survival kit is up to your personal inclinations and wishes.

The more oils you have in your arsenal, the more issues you’ll be equipped to deal with. Nevertheless, even one of these precious oils can make an enormous difference in your life. Our suggestions are a comprehensive range of products from which you can find exactly what you need and like to use. 

Envy or jealousy: double happiness, pain ease, prosperity

  • The best remedy for the green-eyed monster is to summon appreciation and/or admiration for what the object of your jealousy has accomplished. Double Happiness will help you get there while raising your own spirits considerably. Its mission is “I’m happy that you’re happy.”
  • Pain Ease tackles jealousy from another angle. You may find yourself  jealous of or in competition with your close ones. It may have been going on for such a long time that you are 'used' to it, and it goes under your honesty radar. Envy and jealousy are both painful for the person broadcasting these emotions. We suggest using Pain Ease to soothe the hurt on the emotional and mental levels. Whiff it whenever you think about someone or something you are jealous of and definitely before and after social situations where you might be or have been jealous. This will keep you from spreading negativity and an evil, entitled eye onto others.
  • If you are jealous of what others have, try spraying yourself with Prosperity, or put a drop under your nose, so that you can wish the best for others.
  • Prosperity will also protect your mind from poverty consciousness if others think you have too much.  Pour it on money or in your wallet.

    Depression: lift-me-up, clarity, double happiness, Merry Christmas Blend

    • Sometimes sheer overwhelm wins, and the grey cloud descends--but it’s no match for Lift-Me-Up! Breathe it in deeply, apply, apply, apply. Diffuse, spray, sniff, or all three, and the sunshine will burn away those dark clouds.
    • Want some Clarity on what got you to that dark place? Put a couple of drops of Clarity on your crown or forehead. Sniff from the bottle. Diffuse.
    • Double Happiness has also been created to help with a state of unhappiness.  A fastest way to become happy is to share with others, and this blend will help us share and attain a state of happiness.
    • If your family visits take place during the holidays, diffuse Merry Christmas--depression is no match for this elevating blend as it spreads the light of the holidays. Available seasonally.

      Worries and fears: aurelia peace and/or devarikha peace; firewall

      • Being around a fearful parent or sibling can be catching. Or perhaps you are worried about what might go wrong this visit--perhaps because the last one was disastrous? No matter the source of your fear, it stands no chance against a few drops of aurelia Peace or devarikha Peace.
      • aurelia Peace is super strong, and the perfect choice if you are a fearful person in general and tend to get sucked into doomsday projections.
      • If you aren’t in general a fearful person but tend to worry in certain situations, then devarikha Peace is for you.
      • There is no wrong choice: Both Peace blends are so deliciously effective that you may just want to have both on hand. Sniff, apply, diffuse!
      • Our Peace blends are also excellent if your family visits involve air travel and you have a fear of flying.
      • Also perfect for flying: Firewall. Put a few drops on the crown of your head before you go to the airport to protect yourself from catching fear from thousands travelers as well as to counterbalance the effects of airport security scans!

        Anxiety, nervousness, insomnia: relax, deep relax, sweet dreams

        • If family visits make you want to chew your nails, grind your teeth, or climb the walls, our Relax blends are here for you!
        • Deep Relax is the stronger option: A drop or two under your nose or on the occipital, and your nerves will feel like they’re sipping an umbrella drink on a pristine beach while listening to the sound of waves. You’ll be so deeply relaxed that if it’s bedtime, you may want to sleep for a full eight hours.
        • That’s why Deep Relax is perfect for insomnia. A drop or two on your pillow and/or a drop under your nose will have you snoozing in no time. You’ll wake up refreshed and without a hint of grogginess.
        • If you want a milder chill-out formula, especially if you have to drive in the morning, Relax is the perfect alternative.
        • If you need help getting to sleep but don’t have a full eight hours in your sleep schedule, Relax is for you.
        • Now that our Relax blends have helped you fall asleep, let’s make sure there are no nightmares: A couple of drops of Sweet Dreams on your pillow or a spritz with Sweet Dreams spray will slay any dragons lurking in your subconscious.
        • If your family visit involves air travel and you have a fear of flying or think you cannot sleep on a plane, try Deep Relax or Relax.

          Confusion: clarity, awareness, aura

          • The world is a confusing place: is your sadness or anger “yours”, or did you catch it like a cold? Take an Aura shower every day (even better: at night before you go to sleep), and return to yourself. (You can either use our Aura Drizzle shower gel, or you can add a few drops of Aura blend to your own sponge or loofah.)
          • Awareness helps you avoid sleepwalking through life, and when you’re with family, you want to be particularly awake to the subtext, secret agendas, and manipulations so that you can foresee and prevent any reactive unloving behavior you might be tempted to have.
          • Just plain confused? Spray, diffuse, sniff Clarity. The clouds will part, and insight will reign.

          Holiday stress: merry christmas blend

          • Transcend family tensions and connect with what Christmas is really all about--and you don’t have to be a person who celebrates Christmas to receive the full benefit of this heart-opening, joyful blend. Available seasonally.

          Last and definitely not least: Healing Master

          • Healing Master essential oil by aurelia essential oils should be in every home pharmacy.  One should also never leave home without Healing Master.  God forbid there is an accident or a cut or fall, Healing Master applied right away will initiate the healing process and prevent the injury from getting worse.
          • It’s just a safe measure to take and to offer those who are in pain or injured.  It has the blessing of the Medicine Buddha and will help healing on all levels immediately.

          More tips:

          • Enjoy feeling protected! Know that no matter what happens, wholesome relief awaits in these precious bottles.
          • Make sure your oils are easily accessible at all times.
          • Put them in a handy little clear plastic bag in your handbag or messenger bag.
          • If you don’t carry a bag, keep the one or two you need the most in a pants pocket and/or jacket pocket.
          • All of our blends can be diffused, used straight from the bottle, or sprayed.
          • Using the blends undiluted, straight from the bottle is the strongest option.
          • Sprays, however, can be very convenient. Visit our Spritz Aromatique page for the full collection of blends that come in spray form.
          • All of our products are travel-friendly, and most come in sizes that are perfect for your carry-on. Many of our essential oil blends are available in 5ml bottles, which are great for travel, and even our largest retail size (30 ml) is still under the 3 oz limit per bottle for your carry-on’s “liquids and gels” bag.
          • Our sprays are slightly larger, though still perfectly sized for checked baggage. If you need a spray for your carry-on, you can easily make one using the essential oil blend of your choice, an empty spray bottle, and pure water.
          • Visit our applications page for more details and to answer any questions you may have.
          • Be a walking diffuser. You can layer our blends, i.e., putting on or spraying more than one blend at the same time and even on the same part of the body. Check out our post on this topic.                   

          Have you tried any of these oils when visiting with family?

          Any tips you’d like to share?

          Please tell us about it in the comments!


          photo credit: Gstudio Group / adobe stock

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