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Article: Surviving Family Visits, part 1

Surviving Family Visits, part 1

Surviving Family Visits, part 1

Visiting with your family of origin may not always give us the warm fuzzies we see in holiday movies. But don’t despair: If you are slipping into a familiar familial vortex, our oils can help.

Let’s break it down to some of the typical challenges that can arise, the oils we recommend, and suggested tips for use.

Our list of products in this post is extensive, because we want to acquaint you with all of the options. Every person has special needs, so we have made the list as large as possible to accommodate preferences or limitations. how you choose to stock your survival kit is up to your personal inclinations and wishes. 

the more oils you have in your arsenal, the more issues you’ll be equipped to deal with. Nevertheless, even one of these precious oils can make an enormous difference in your life. 

Our suggestions are a comprehensive range of products from which you can find exactly what you need and like to use.

Overly critical family member: emotional cleansing, esteem

  • Getting triggered? Don’t engage; just excuse yourself and leave the room long enough to pull out your Emotional Cleansing spray. Spritz generously to dissolve anger. Or put a few drops straight from the bottle on your solar plexus.
  • Reconnect with your innate self-worth. Put a drop of Esteem under your nose and a few drops on your solar plexus.
  • Forewarned is forearmed. Spray or sniff and apply a little prevention.

Guilt trips: feel good

  • A couple of drops on the abdomen, a sniff from the bottle, or a spray on your face will blunt all those “why haven’t you visited” and “why don’t you ever call” daggers.

Anger (from rage to mild annoyance): emotional cleansing, devarikha peace, migraine

  • Walking into the lion’s den? Put a drop or two of prevention, i.e., Emotional Cleansing, under your nose, and/or on your solar plexus.
  • Use lots and lots of devarikha peace for family visits and especially for hostile environments. It’s good for everyone, and will help you keep the peace.  A few dabs on the wrists or a drop on the chest and you’ll wonder why you didn’t know about this sooner!
  • In “two minds” about seeing your family or going to a family dinner?  Meaning, you don’t really want to go, but you’re somewhat obligated, forced, and suppressing the anger about it.  This is occurring a lot throughout the nation, unfortunately, and suppressed anger is a quality found in many who suffer from frequent migraine headaches.  
  • Our Migraine Blend can help with the “split mind” and ease the effects of the suppressed anger affecting the liver chi.  
  • Inhale it or apply to temples before the onset of a headache or migraine.  Usually, a good time to apply it is right when you set out to do something you don't want to do or immediately after getting angry. 
  • Don’t let relatives give you a headache - equip yourself with Migraine Blend!

Over-sharing, especially with your past or your secrets: Shock/Trauma, Emotional Cleansing, chakra 5, expression

Did you say too much (maybe to compensate for guilt)?  Or did someone regale the dinner table with that “funny” story about your public humiliation in high school?

  • Shock/Trauma to the rescue. Put a drop under your nose and a couple on your heart. Or spray liberally.
  • Apply a drop of Chakra 5 onto the throat to help control word vomit so that you can trust your instincts on what to say, to whom and when.
  • Our essential oil blend Expression not only helps with public speaking, but also helps to enhance individuality, eloquence and the good ability to uphold a nice conversation.  Apply a drop to the heart space and throat to make sure what you express is coming from your heart.
  • Of course, if you’re reacting to the above with anger, defuse it with Emotional Cleansing.

Being put in a box: Esteem, Power, Firewall

You may be the CEO of a fortune 500 company or the happy owner of a bustling dry cleaning establishment. Nevertheless, your family still sees you as the drifting, unemployed kid you were ages ago.
  • Esteem to the rescue! Reconnect with your core self-worth with a few drops on your solar plexus.
  • Supercharge your inner strength with a couple drops of Power as well.
  • Protect yourself from family projections with Firewall. A few drops on the crown of your head is like energetic teflon. Compound the effect by spraying your face and/or putting a drop of each under your nose.

Stagnant, depleted, or other unclean energy in a relative’s home: Temple and Aura

Not sure what this means? How about having to sleep in the room that’s supposed to be your mom’s craft room but which is actually where she hides out when your father’s “in a mood.” Or where every depressed, pot-smoking, or otherwise messed-up relative stays when they visit.

  • Temple is space-cleaning magic. Spray the room generously with Temple Spray.
  • Spray anything that touches your body, especially the bed and the bedding, with Aura Spray.
  • Be sure to add a few drops of Aura to a handful of shower gel (or use our Aura shower gel) to wash off whatever unwholesomeness you may have taken on from family members.
  • Take a Muji ultrasonic diffuser with you (light and portable and easy to use), and get that sucker going with Temple as soon as you have access to the room. Keep it going while you sleep like a happy baby.

Nostalgia: clarity, aurelia peace, emotional cleansing, remember, cancer

  • Yearning for the “good old days”? Get some Clarity on what’s keeping you stuck in the past. Put a couple of drops of Clarity on your forehead or the crown of your head. Sniff, diffuse, spray.
  • Use aurelia Peace to let go of whatever you’re holding onto. A couple of drops on the heart and a drop under the nose works like magic.
  • Most nostalgia is biased and filtered through idealizing lenses.  Use Remember to recall the truth without idolizing the past. Move forward, without looking back.  Pour it in your hand, rub together, cup your face and inhale once.  Rub excess on back of head.
  • Use the Cancer blend to overcome the effects of nostalgia on a emotional level, especially when it has to do with family and childhood memories.  Smell it on the onset of a nostalgic memory before the future becomes dim.  If you’re hosting, use Cancer blend in the family section of your feng shui map, and keep in the aroma lamp and wear it as a perfume.
  • Warning: most perfumes on the market will make your body go weak.  Instead, use any of our oils as perfumes, for special occasions or any day.
  • Cleanse it all away with Emotional Cleansing: spray, sniff, or diffuse. Or all three!

    Have you tried any of the oils on our list when visiting with family?

    Do you have any applications tips you’d like to share?

    We’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

    Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, where we delve into more issues that may arise and the oils that can help you get back to your happy place!

    in the meantime, we wish you a harmonious, safe, and loving visit with your family!


    photo credit: Stillfx / adobe stock

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