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Essential Oils for doctors' visits

Did you know that doctors have a term called “white coat syndrome”?

It’s when your normal blood pressure shoots up when it’s measured at a doctor’s office. Why? Because going to the doctor or dentist is just plain scary for a lot of us.

If you’re one of the millions of people who dread even a routine checkup or a shot, let alone a biopsy, outpatient surgery, or root canal, our essential oils can help.  

They are especially useful when you don’t like your doctor, if you get the feeling that your doctor doesn't like you, or if you are afraid of doctors in general.

After stocking and using our White Coat Kit, clients have reported to us that for the first time in their lives they felt substantially less fear than they ever had before or none at all.

That is because the oils in our kit awaken the body's natural abilities to calm, soothe, and heal.

Which oils and how to use them? We thought you’d never ask!

Our White Coat Kit:

Our kit addresses the following major issues with these essential blends:

  1. Fear: aurelia Peace and/or devarikha Peace
  2. Worry, anxiety, and sleeplessness: Deep Relax and/or Relax
  3. Shock: Shock/Trauma
  4. Trauma: Shock/Trauma
  5. Healing: Healing Master
  6. Pain: Pain Ease
  7. Other People’s Projections: Firewall

Let’s break it down by blend:

aurelia Peace and/or devarikha Peace

Both of these blends are fear destroyers.

Which to use?
  • If you are a deeply fearful person, even phobic, then aurelia Peace is for you. If you are afraid in certain situations but do not generally live a life filled with fear, then devarikha Peace is the perfect choice.

Deep Relax and/or Relax:

Can’t imagine being able to relax in such a situation? We dare you to give these a try. Which one to use? Depends on how strong you want your chill-out formula to be.

  • Deep Relax is super strong and will relax even the most phobic patient in the treatment room. In fact, you’ll be so chilled out that you’ll prefer that someone drive you home afterwards.
  • Deep Relax is also tremendously effective if you can’t sleep. Put a drop on your pillow, and bye-bye insomnia. In fact, you’ll want to sleep a full eight hours.
  • Relax has a lighter touch than Deep Relax, and it will still dissolve your anxiety.
  • If you’re flying solo to your appointment and/or simply don’t have eight hours in your sleep schedule, Relax may be the best choice for you.


It can be shocking or traumatic just to think about going for medical treatment or even a routine exam, let alone actually undergoing a procedure you may have been dreading.

  • The important thing to know about shock and trauma is that its very nature can often deprive you of the ability to recognize that you’re in such a state. That’s why it is essential to have our blend Shock/Trauma by your side.
  • Hints that you may be shocked or traumatized to some degree may include confusion, forgetfulness, irritability or anger, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, or just not quite feeling like yourself before, during, or after an exam or procedure.
  • Plus, if any part of your body has been punctured, cut, or otherwise painfully manipulated, this is a trauma to the body.

Better to err on the side of caution, so use Shock/Trauma. It’s like a warm blanket of soothing energy.

Healing Master:

With Healing Master, you can jump-start the healing process as soon as you realize you have some sort of condition, whether it’s an ache or pain of unknown origin, an injury or wound, or a diagnosis of which you have been informed.

  • Healing Master is for external use, but that doesn’t stop it from awakening the body’s natural healing abilities for internal as well as external conditions.
  • If you have a treatment or procedure, be sure to use Healing Master daily to help accelerate healing. It is compatible with whatever your doctor prescribes. It’s here to help. And you’ll be amazed.

Pain Ease:

Its name says it all. Pain Ease gives your pain management a helping hand and, like all of our blends, it is compatible with whatever your doctor prescribes.


As if going for medical treatment isn’t stressful or scary enough, you may also find yourself dealing with other people’s fears, unwanted advice, or even doomsday projections.

  • This could range from your own over-researching on health websites to family members showering you with worries to sitting in a waiting room full of anxious people.
  • The best way to protect yourself from all of it--aside from using discernment in choosing your confidantes (and no, neither family nor friends are entitled to know your business)--is to use Firewall every day.  

Tips for use:

  • All of the oils in our kit are for external use only.

    • Get a clear plastic zip-top bag for your kit, so that you can see what’s there and access what you need quickly.

      • If possible, have a trusted, nonjudgmental friend drive you to your appointment and be your appointed dispenser of oils in the treatment room.

        • Secure permission from your healthcare practitioner for that person to be in the treatment room with you. He or she will hold your kit and hand you what you need, when you need it.
        • We have yet to hear of a doctor or dentist who says no to this. After all, any caring medical practitioner wants to be able to put a frightened patient at ease, and who wouldn’t want all the help they can get in doing so?
        • Plus, our clients report that their health-care practitioners love the scent of the oils.
      • At your appointment, have your helping friend open whichever blend you want...

        • ...(or keep the kit on your lap and do it yourself), and sniff straight from the bottle. Or put a drop or two right under your nose and/or on your heart chakra.
      • Should you use sprays, or should you take the oil straight and undiluted from the bottle?

        • Ideally, you’ll want maximum power from your oils in extreme situations; thus, once you are in the treatment room, straight and undiluted is your best choice. Besides, though your practitioner will likely enjoy the scent of the oils, they may prefer not to be sprayed.
      • Nevertheless, if you love using sprays...

        • ...or if you have only one hand free, spray to your heart’s content before, during (ask your doctor to stand clear if he/she doesn’t want to be sprayed), and after treatment. You can spray your face, your heart, your entire body, and/or your room.
      • At the first sign of fear, act!

        • You may experience fear at the thought of making an appointment, while making the appointment, anticipating an appointment, hearing from your doctor, on the way to your appointment, sitting in the waiting room, or in the treatment room.
        • When the sensation of fear hits, grab your Peace blend of choice, and apply.
        • If you’re using a spray, then spray liberally on face, solar plexus, and/or heart.
        • If you’re using the oil straight from the bottle, put a drop or two under your nose and/or on heart chakra or solar plexus. Sniff from the bottle. Diffuse in your room. And feel a tangible peace spread throughout your being. Resistance is futile.
      • No idea how to calm down? Try Deep Relax or Relax.

        • Depending on which one you choose, apply whenever you find yourself anxious, obsessing, worrying, terrified, unable to concentrate, or losing sleep. Spray, sniff from the bottle, diffuse, apply a drop on your pillow, or under your nose and/or on your solar plexus or wrist.
      • Have Shock/Trauma with you at the doctor’s or dentist’s office if you have a lot of fear about your visit, are anticipating test results, are undergoing a procedure, or have just received disturbing news from your health practitioner.

        • Bring it with you in the car or public transportation to and from your appointment. Have a diffuser ready to be fired up with Shock/Trauma soon as you return from your appointment.
      • To use Healing Master

        • Put one or more drops on a clean finger, Q-tip, or bandage, and apply to skin on or closest to the affected area.
        • You can apply Healing Master directly on a wound.
        • Or, if the wound has been professionally bandaged, and you can’t reach the wound (or don’t feel comfortable with direct application), you can apply Healing Master to the perimeter of the wound or atop an absorbent bandage.
        • If the condition is internal, apply Healing Master to the skin that is over the internal area and/or the chakra that governs that particular part of the body. For example, if you have a heart or lung condition, you can apply Healing Master to your whole chest area and/or your heart chakra. If you’ve had oral surgery, you can apply Healing Master to the skin above or below the lips in a place that is closest to the affected gum or tooth. You can also apply a drop of Healing Master to your throat chakra.
        • Firewall

          • Place one or more drops on the crown of your head, and/or apply to your head (and entire body, if you wish) liberally as a spray. Diffuse in your bedroom to protect you when you are sleeping and at your most vulnerable, though you can also diffuse at any time and in any room you wish.
          • For specific instructions on spraying, diffusing, using oils straight from the bottle, and more, please visit our Applications Page.

            Have you used any of these products? Or used the whole kit? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments, and we wish you good health and perfect healing!

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