At dharmaceuticals HQ, we are passionate about original thinking, overcoming limitations, and the power of the human spirit.  Retelling one of the darkest moments of mankind, IMAGINING A BETTER WORLD invites us into the the experience of a child who survived the Nazi occupation in Lwow, Poland with her watercolors and her imagination.


"In this exclusive one-hour documentary, the viewer will travel with Nelly through her two worlds, as she leaps into her bright future, escaping her present living hell. Vérité cinematography and rare archival footage will be combined with visually stunning 2D & 3D animation of Nelly’s watercolor paintings. Virtual reality recreations will amplify the telling of Nelly’s time in hiding and her inspirational career as a teacher, counselor and art therapist after the War."


When we were approached by the filmmakers to partner with the documentary, we wanted to create a special aromatherapy product which will trigger imagination for anyone who needs a ray of light or inspiration in adversity or darkness.  So we created the "Imagine Blend" - used to stir imagination for a better world. When you make a contribution of $50 to this Project, you can receive a bottle of "Imagine Blend" as a perk.

Content: Rosemary, Clary Sage, Hyssop, Marjoram, Cinnamon ~ Size: 10 ml.
This blend is exclusively available here.

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