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The Glass We Use for our aromatherapy products

When we chose which types of bottles needed to be the vessel for our precious essences, we asked the question, "What can contain and preserve the power of alchemy without compromise"?  The answer was, and still is, UV glass which protects from harmful visible light and invisible electromagnetic wavelengths to preserve the sensitive nature of our synergies.  At the same time, while our advanced glass filters out harmful energy, it simultaneously allows in sustainable light which protects and empowers the nature of our products.

Most aromatherapy products on the market are sold in an average brown, blue, green or clear glass bottle - all penetrable by light.  What’s often misleading is companies who bottle their products in fake UV bottles, which are made with a violet film over the glass.  Over time, this film chips and peels off the bottle, revealing its true disposition.  Another way to check for imposter bottles is by holding it up against light.  A true UV-protected bottle will radiate a deep blue (because the harmful light is truly filtered), whereas an imposter will appear slightly reddish and purple unable to filter the harmful wavelengths.  Obviously, imposing UV bottles do not retain the same qualities as true UV glass bottles.

Our synergies demand to be contained within a glass which is created by the alchemical process similar to ours.  Therefore, our bottles protect the essence, extend the shelf life, preserve the energy, and keep the qualities from the lab into your home.  Even the cap is made of 100% HDPE to uphold purity and pour the essence to the very last drop.