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Healing Master

Thank you for your interest in our Healing Master* essential oil synergy.  It goes without saying that Healing Master is our #1 Product.


  • Healing Master may be used undiluted on all open wounds, i.e. cuts, burns, abrasions, skin lesions due to dermatitis, etc.
  • Dosage in these cases is approximately 1 drop per square inch surface area and should be applied as soon as possible after the injury occurred.
  • Re-apply every few hours for the first few days if necessary but at least twice a day until the wound has healed completely.


  • The essence heals from inside out, i.e. the surface of the wound will close last.
  • This process ensures that any impurities, bacteria, etc., are flushed out to counteract potential subcutaneous infection.
  • In the case of sutured wounds a small opening - in most cases at one end of the wound - creates a natural drainage and closes as soon as the rest of the wound has healed completely.
  • The entire healing process is fast and - if Healing Master is used correctly - leaves no unsightly scars.

More Info

  • Healing Master can also be used after a wound has closed and surface diagnosis shows that there might be an infection underneath the freshly grown scar tissue. For those cases we suggest to use Healing Master as described above and to follow the application with a hot chamomile compress. In cases of serious subcutaneous infection, the wound will re-open for drainage; simple cases detoxify with help of the lymphatic system.
  • We also use Healing Master with great success after cesarean section, as breast-feeding mothers often dislike the use of antibiotics
  • Healing Master is not intended for internal use and is safe to use with children 2 years and older.
  • Other indications for the use of Healing Master include sprains, contusions, bruises, pulls, broken bones, etc., generally anything causing tissue inflammation.
  • In cases of large wounds in combination with unbroken skin, Healing Master should be used diluted. We suggest therapeutic grade carrier oils of good quality, such as St. John's Wort or olive oil. (Rule of thumb: 10 drops of essence per 10 ml carrier oil.)
  • On a psychosomatic level, Healing Master will also heal emotional wounds connected to the often traumatic experience of injury.

Our Story + Yours

Please contact us if you are interested in some of our Healing Master success stories or if you have to add one of your own.

Information regarding chemical components, purity, and toxicity of the used singlenote essential oils, as well as our long list of references, is available on request.

We have been successfully distributing Healing Master commercially since 1991, and according to our experience, Healing Master should be standard in any home pharmacy.

* Healing Master is a wellness product only and does not claim any success in healing medical conditions.


"I'm a kindergarten worker and recently one of our children who spent the day before with his father on his tractor came in with a heavy sunburn. The parents forgot to put sunscreen on and the sun reflections of the tractor's window caused a heavy sunburn with little blisters on the cheeks of the boy. With the agreement of the father I put healing master undiluted every hour on the burned skin and you could watch how the skin healed. The next day all the blisters were gone and there was only a light redness left. The mother wanted to buy healing master immediately. To me healing master is an allover remedy and I recommend it to everybody!" D.R.

"I ran into the table and I couldn't find my Healing Master for my toe. I used Shock/ Trauma right away as a substitute, and it instantly calmed my emotions and body down. I was then able to find my Healing Master with my clear mind. WOW!! Thank you so much! I love how the oils help me in all their creative ways!" C.S.

“3 days ago I scalded my wrist, on the forearm side with hot water and steam in the kitchen while preparing for a dinner of 5. I went into total shock especially because I was on a time crunch. The water had given me a second degree burn 5x5 cm. I immediately applied healing master and then a compress for 15 minutes. The the pain was somewhat bearable, and then I had the idea to apply 10 drops of raw skin care oil with 1 drop healing master on the wound. In no time, the pain was gone! The wound did not open and I went to bed without the dressing. The next morning the burn was blistered - one was the size of a thumbnail. For the first day, every 2 hours I put 5 drops of raw skin care oil and 1 drop of healing master. I created a bandage and was very careful that nothing touched the wound. In the evening, the big bubble rose from the wound itself, and drained water. Then to be on the safe side, I put on a bandage for the night and another 10 drops of raw skin care oil and another drop of healing master. The next morning, all the blisters had regressed except for the large thumb sized blister which was filled with water. On the 2nd day, I was applying raw skin care oil and healing master only every 3 hours and put another bandage on at night. Today is the 3rd day and the wound has already almost healed entirely! I have lots of experience with burns, and this was not my first time being scalded so I was very impressed and totally amazed at how the oil healed the wound in such a short time. I am so happy. I am pain free. From all my heart, I thank you for your wonderful medicines that smell so great and I hope this testimonial helps others who have ever burned themselves in the kitchen!” M.A.

"I was going to sit down for dinner at the dining table my banged knee against the table and hurt all night and all the next morning. Then I put on healing master and the pain went away, and I didn't bruise! I am so thankful because it was painful even walk up the stairs! Not with healing master!" P.O.

"I just put together a desk from Crate & Barrel and remembered your tales of drilling, hammering, missing holes and repeat use of healing master. I managed to bang my elbow and get annoyed by the tiny octagonal tool they give you to screw in the odd screws it comes with. The top bar is so narrow you need the fingers of a ten year old with the skill of a mechanic in order to get the screws in. Anyhow, it's beautiful - thanks for the suggestion." T.R