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Article: Blends with Mint

Blends with Mint

Blends with Mint

What is Peppermint Essential Oil Good For?

Peppermint has a sharp, fresh, piercing smell.  It is a very popular aroma, since it has an enormous number of uses in the food and pharmaceutical industry.  In aromatherapy, its applications are also wide ranging.

It is usually referred to as the classic digestive remedy and is often used for the following:

toothaches, detoxification, itching, blackheads, softening skin, defatting skin, cooling skin, asthma, sinusitis, dry cough, sciatica, muscular aches & pains, vision trouble, fainting, increasing white blood cells, lymph flow & drainage, warms when cold - cooling when hot, enhancing effect of other essential oils, gingivitis, foul breath, cramps, indigestion, flatulence, nausea, ulcers, liver fatigue, mental agility.

The Story of Peppermint

In Greek mythology, peppermint was created by the god Pluto.  Pluto's wife Persephone viciously hunted down the nymph Minthe, who had been romantically pursued by Pluto, and buried her alive into the soil of the earth.  Pluto, in his rare compassion, resurrected the nymph into a mint plant we know today as Peppermint.

Clearing & Cleansing

It is also associated with the archetype of Judgment.  Because of this association, it is commonly experienced that within this plant lies an intensely clearing power from the judgments and projections of others to relieve states of anger, hysteria, and nervous trembling (click Esteem, Vision and Pleasure). Peppermint is also liberating from mental fatigue and depression (click Invigorating, Jet Lag/Uplifting and PMS), not to mention it makes a great breath freshener.  It is no wonder peppermint and spearmint are used in toothpastes, shampoos and many other cosmetic products. (Click BodyLift AM, BodyLift PM and Varicose Veins).

When used on a regular basis, mint reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus within the body.  Mint contains perillyl alcohol, which is believed to prevent colon, skin, and lung cancer.  Animal research suggests that perillyl alcohol slows the growth of pancreatic, mammary, and liver tumors (click Lymphatic System). 


Mint is a strong diuretic and helps soothe the digestive tract, even relieving irritable bowel syndrome.  It also helps in getting rid of headaches and migraines.

Peppermint in particular acts like paracetamol without the drugged-out side effects that, for example, Tylenol products leave you with (click Back&Shoulders AM, Muscle Ease and Back&Shoulders PM). Paracetomal or acetaminophen is the key ingredient in many drugs and unlike peppermint, it is not anti-inflammatory.  Spearmint, on the other hand, is known for its local anesthetic and sedative properties (click Sweet Dreams).  It is said to bring forth child-like innocence and lightness, and relieve stress and exhaustion (click Esteem and Pleasure).

The Synergy Solution

As our speciality is our synergies, we do not suggest using singlenotes as a go-to solution, as remedies need to be balanced to the whole of you.  Chances are there is a balanced blend for your needs.  However, we do honor all requests to order singlenotes, since they are often gateway products into our blends and of course we do carry the most superior grade of oils on the market.

To read more on our synergistic effects, click here.

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