Ocean of Aura Aromatherapy Bath Salt with Atlantic Sea Salt

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purifying • clearing • unadulterated

This is one of the best practices we advise to anyone who is conscious of their aura hygiene. A clean aura makes for a clean life on all levels. This is the only bath salt we offer that is colored with the essential oil essence. What you see here is the Aura essence and not food coloring.

  • Recharges and cleanses the aura.
  • Cleanses on all levels.

INGREDIENTS: Atlantic sea salt, aurelia® aura essential oil blend of fennel, frankincense, yarrow, vetivert. No food coloring.

HOW TO USE: Scoop, pour or pinch a small amount of salt into running water; swish and soak. Depending on desired aroma intensity, you may want to add more as the salt dissolves. Can be used as a body scrub. For about 8-10 full baths in a household bath tub. Order refill packs when empty.

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