Everything is aurelia.

September 19, 2018 0 Comments

Everything is aurelia.
Dear Customer,
We are so happy to announce that after almost two decades of trying and dealing with corporations way bigger than us, we finally succeeded in registering ‘aurelia’ as an international mark and now feel confident to offer all our products under the ‘aurelia’ roof – or rather the ‘aurelia’ wings, the symbol you have come to recognize and appreciate as a sign of outstanding quality and commitment to good!
As of today, we start to transition the devarikha® and aurelialex® synergies to aurelia®, and in the process of that we will upgrade the aurelia 4 ml variants to a more generally used standard of 5 ml sizes. Please be patient as some products may ship with the devarikha or aurelialex labels. Rest assured, the contents are the same. This is a long process to transfer over 80+ products into a streamlined brand.
Our popular astro blends will join the ranks of our other amazing dharmaceuticals: the must-have Spritz Aromatique line and of course our Raw Skin Care products. And in case you are new to the world of our magical helpers: dharma = truth and ceuticals = tools.
Thank you for elevating higher and higher on the aurelia wings since 1991 – may it continue to be a rewarding flight!
Aurelia Xander and the dharmceuticals team